American Friends of the British Museum

Bringing the Collections to Life



The British Museum is a unique institution, not only because of the extraordinary collection it houses, but because of its community of experts. Objects are only able to “speak” to us because their stories have been uncovered by the Museum’s world-renowned teams who help unlock the knowledge embedded within them.

With over 100 curators and scientists, the British Museum is one of the UK’s largest independent arts and humanities research organizations outside the university sector. At any one time, the Museum is undertaking at least 80 research projects of different size and scope. This research results in an average of 135 academic papers and articles, and over 40 books, edited volumes and catalogues each year. This is in addition to object care, special exhibitions and new galleries that form their day to day work, all of which serves to increase our understanding of world cultures and history.

All levels of contribution towards curator, conservator or scientist salaries are hugely appreciated, and opportunities for named posts are available for gifts which cover annual costs.

To find out more about supporting posts at the British Museum please call the American Friends of the British Museum office at 212-812-4362, or contact the Administrator, Emily Grand.